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The Hidden Speed Bumps On The Road To Success – Three Key Career Derailers

Derailer 1: Trouble With People – The Shielded Personal Learner

Picture Peter, a middle manager known for his straightforward communication style. As a result of his steadfast approach, he has lost his professional relationship with Jodie, a key member of the project. This illustrates our first derailer: trouble with people. Peter's resistance to change and personal development can stifle the collaborative spirit that is key to organizational success. There could be several reasons for his rigid stance, including a fear of risk-taking, a preference for familiar methods, a desire for perfection, or a perceived lack of time for self-improvement. Moreover, Peter could overuse some of his managerial skills, such as planning and then taking action, which could upset Jodie.

Peter's unwillingness to evolve will exacerbate his lack of self-awareness and inability to adapt to changing situations, which are two of the most critical leadership competencies. We should, however, remember that we are all works in progress. If we wish to develop, these competencies can be nurtured over time.

Derailer 2: Failing To Inspire – The Taskmaster Leader

Meet John, an energetic and ambitious manager with his sights firmly set on reaching the ranks of middle management. His unyielding pursuit of results often leaves his team feeling overburdened and underappreciated. Our second derailer is a failure to inspire. John's tendency to see his team as separate entities rather than a unified whole can aggravate conflicts and dampen team morale. Assigning work and defining responsibilities to individual members is frustrating because he does not bring the team together and resolve issues in a broader context. Whenever possible, he prefers to meet one-on-one.

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