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Map Your Life Legacy With Coach Timi Gleason

Updated: Sep 22

Have you ever felt life’s challenges are a sign to quit? And success should come easy? If so, you’re not alone. Coach Timi Gleason, owner of Executive Goals and Soulwork Maps, and partner at C-IQ San Diego, knows firsthand the strength and determination it takes to keep pushing forward. But in her experience, she is here to tell you that some of the toughest starts can have the most inspiring endings.

“I always felt that I was born to help solve problems and ‘get people through the wilderness’. And many of my jobs have reflected that,” she shares.

Timi Gleason is the author of two books, Conversational Intelligence @ Work and Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration, and a coach with over 20 years in the industry helping C-Suite and High Potential Senior Leaders create big results in record time with strategic thinking. But to get to where she is today took a lot of hard work and belief in her abilities.

Timi graduated college during a poor job market which presented a considerable gap for graduates, and what would have posed a problem for many presented an opportunity for Timi.

Her hero, William Bridges, taught: “Look for opportunity by recognizing gaps,” and that’s exactly what she did.

Months before she graduated, Timi noticed this job market gap and submitted her idea to solve it to EDD, the Health and Human Services division of the State of California. After surviving some fierce interviews, Timi convinced EDD to test her idea. Her first big assignment working for the company was to spearhead the coordination of the tens of thousands of Southeast Asian refugees fleeing at the beginning of the Vietnam War.

Ten years later, Timi addressed serious communication and transition issues with a Fortune 200 newspaper and led it through a huge 300% growth spurt. Another ten years after that, she was recruited to coach a struggling leadership team in a Fortune 500 California-based company: this time to help them become more resilient during overwhelming market competition. By then, Timi was a seasoned organizational development professional experienced in navigating untested waters for her clients.

On the side, Timi continued to pioneer in little ways. She started a credit union for women before credit laws changed, and recently, during the Pandemic “found myself using three specific assessments about 25 times a week. After many repetitions, I started to see the synergistic connection between the three assessments, and realized I had the makings of a personal road map.”

That’s where her coaching expertise comes in to help you navigate your life more seamlessly. What once seemed like a daunting and challenging endeavor has become digestible.

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is a personal road map?

A Soulwork Map, as Timi defines it, is a combination of three assessments - the How to Fascinate (.com) assessment, the Clifton Strengthsfinder ( assessment, and the birthday numerology which is the client’s birth name and birth date.

With her strategic planning skills and systems thinking background, Timi has discovered that one’s birthday (life lessons) and legacy (full name) create a chronological gap that highlights four key areas: your life lessons and areas of skills emphasis; your ultimate life legacy; how you will approach problem-solving; and finally, what the world needs from you!

And what’s created is a roadmap to your life legacy!

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