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Timi Gleason

Coach Timi Gleason is renowned for her distinct approach to leadership coaching, characterized by a blend of innovative strategies and personalized methods. With a rich background in working with C-Suite and high-potential senior leaders, Timi is adept at fostering strategic thinking, team alignment, and organizational influence. Her expertise is amplified by her top five Gallup StrengthsFinder talents: Maximizer, Arranger, Achiever, Individualization, and Strategic, and her ENTJ personality type.

Certified in Conversational Intelligence® and Systems Thinking, Timi has been a pivotal figure in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Global Team since 2013. Her contributions to private industry and various U.S. government branches are marked by a focus on enhancing leadership impact and influence. Timi’s coaching journey is enriched by her engagement with a diverse client base, offering her insights into a myriad of cultural and ethnic perspectives.

In 2022, Timi’s exceptional contributions to the field were acknowledged when she was honored as one of The Top Fifty Who’s Who in the World by Unified Brainz Global Management Group. Her passion projects underscore her commitment to leadership excellence, with a focus on collaboration, opportunity portals, and managing power. As the creator of Soulwork Maps, Timi offers leaders a pathway to align their professional endeavors with their spiritual legacy, ensuring that their impact resonates beyond the confines of the corporate world.

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