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Dr. Victoria Stakelum

Dr. Victoria Stakelum is a renowned International NLP Master Coach, Psychologist, and Leadership Expert, celebrated for her innovative approach to unlocking human potential. With a distinguished career, including roles as Global Strategy Director and Deputy CEO, Victoria has been a pivotal force in transforming businesses and individuals alike. She is the founder of 'The Success Smith', a platform where her rich leadership experience converges with her skills as an NLP Master Coach and Psychologist, offering a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Victoria’s journey is marked by notable achievements, including an Honorary Doctorate for her instrumental role in elevating Arden University to new heights. Her expertise is not just theoretical but deeply personal, having balanced high-profile roles with motherhood, aided by her profound practice of Mindfulness. Victoria's work is a blend of integrity-driven NLP, therapy, and coaching, tailored to foster transformational growth in leaders, teams, and individuals. A recipient of 'The Break' Fellowship, an EU initiative for promoting female entrepreneurship, Victoria embodies a narrative of success, integrity, and balance, making her a sought-after voice in the realm of leadership and personal development.

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