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Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine Fitzgerald, a former bank vice president and CEO of a large non-profit, is a distinguished leadership coach known for transforming the lives and careers of executives. With a journey marked by overcoming personal and professional challenges, Catherine has mastered the art of turning adversities into invaluable leadership lessons. She has triumphed over significant professional hurdles, including steering a non-profit out of a financial crisis and exponentially increasing a bank’s non-interest income.

Catherine’s coaching philosophy is rooted in self-discovery and intentional living. She helps leaders bridge the gap between business success and personal fulfillment, ensuring that professional achievements complement, not compromise, a rich and rewarding personal life. Catherine is passionate about empowering leaders to transcend traditional business norms, fostering a balanced life where business and personal aspirations coexist harmoniously.

Her approach, termed "Brass Tacks with Heart," encapsulates her unique blend of pragmatic business acumen and heartfelt personal development. Catherine’s clients emerge not just as successful professionals, but as individuals who have mastered the art of living a purposeful and enriched life, where business success is a component, not the entirety, of their identity.

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