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Amanda "Kazzy" Cryer

Amanda is a beacon of resilience and transformation. After overcoming the debilitating effects of two brain tumors, she turned adversity into a journey of empowerment. With a foundation in yoga, meditation, and a plant-based diet, Amanda not only regained her health but also discovered a profound purpose. As a LinkedIn Top Voice in Leadership and Social Impact, she reaches over 500,000 daily viewers, sharing insights on mental health and global unity.

Amanda’s roles are diverse yet interconnected. As the Chief Global Ambassador for GetBundi, she is at the forefront of promoting STEM and digital skills education across Africa. Her influence in the social impact space is amplified by her contributions to The National Incarceration Association and Top Tier Impact, where she collaborates on innovative solutions for systemic challenges.

A Harvard and UC Berkeley alumna, Amanda’s expertise in sustainable business strategy and technical writing underpins her advocacy. Every post, speech, and initiative is a testament to her commitment to fostering a world of dignity, compassion, and inclusive well-being. In the realm of social impact, Amanda isn’t just a participant - she’s a catalyst for change, turning personal triumph into a global movement of empowerment and unity.

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