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Meet Our Exceptional Contributors

At Coaching Magazine, our community of contributors is a dynamic and diverse group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to the world of coaching, personal development, and leadership. From seasoned veterans to emerging leaders, each member of our team plays a crucial role in shaping the conversation and driving positive change in these fields.

Diverse Coaching Backgrounds:


Our contributors come from a wide range of coaching backgrounds, spanning various industries, methodologies, and approaches. This diversity ensures that our content is rich and well-rounded, catering to the diverse needs and interests of our readers. Whether you're interested in life coaching, executive coaching, sports coaching, or any other specialization, you'll find valuable insights from our contributors.

Accomplished Professionals:


Many of our contributors are accomplished professionals who have made significant strides in their respective fields. From successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to psychologists and educators, our team comprises individuals who have translated their expertise into actionable guidance for personal growth and professional development.



Thought Leaders:


Our contributors are not just writers but also thought influencers and leaders in their own right. They've contributed to research, authored books, conducted workshops, and delivered impactful keynote speeches. By sharing their unique perspectives, they inspire our readers to explore new ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and adopt innovative approaches to coaching and personal development.

Seasoned Coaches:


With years of experience under their belts, many of our contributors are seasoned coaches who have worked with a diverse range of clients. Their practical insights, case studies, and real-world examples offer our readers a glimpse into the transformative power of coaching, highlighting the profound impact it can have on individuals and organizations.

Emerging Voices:


While we celebrate the accomplishments of established leaders, we also welcome emerging voices in the coaching and personal development landscape. Our platform provides a space for up-and-coming professionals to share their fresh perspectives, research findings, and innovative ideas, contributing to the ongoing evolution of coaching practices.

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Timi Gleason

Brendan Mann

Catherine Fitzgerald

Jason Quartermaine

Craig Colvett

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Sergeja Medovic

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Victoria Stakelum

Join Our Community

We take immense pride in the collective wisdom and expertise of our contributors, who generously share their knowledge to inspire positive change in the lives of others. If you're passionate about coaching, personal development, or leadership and would like to become a part of our outstanding contributor community, we encourage you to explore the opportunity to join our team.

At Coaching Magazine, we believe that every individual has a story to tell and insights to offer. If you're ready to amplify your voice, connect with like-minded professionals, and contribute to a platform that is committed to growth and learning, we invite you to take the next step and join us on this remarkable journey.

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